Where to go from now 1. Possibility of stringing all the cinemegraphs into a video Pros -I don’t need to perfectly look them, letting me use a lot of the footage that I couldn’t work with -Lets me create a narrative -Use of music -Somewhat surreal element Cons -Audience is unable to examine each frame for a long period of time 2. Using digital photo frames Pros -Most effective considering my vision for my work > I want them to be seen as a collection of moving photographs, NOT a video -Forces me to use less images, creating more of an impact. Cons -Cost -I’ll have to do be more selective in my work 3. Digitally arrange various cinemegraphs and project or play them on computer/tv screen Pros -Almost same effect as using digital photo frames but with less cost, -Allows me to display a more cinemagraphs Cons -I won’t be able to submit it as a blog or website -I’m not very good with html, swf, or editing software other that photoshop, not enough time to learn skills http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/buyonline/GVA_GVA_7_inch_Digital_Photo_Frame_GVA070A

Cinemagraphs problems

1. How do you make different sections loop at different speeds?

2. What files other than GIF allow a cinemagraph to loop continuously?

3. Which platforms online let me display a series of cinemagraphs without a 2mb limit? Making GIF Collage Finish them with 1200 WIdth -Try using SWF files Photoshop -GIFS have to be the same number of frames http://www.picture2life.com/Tour/Default.aspx Exporting Process Aug 14 Mov > iMovie 30 sec loop, fix up speed etc. Export as MOV Loop longer - 5 minute

Displaying option - video

easiest, but needs to flow and have depth. not really what i want

  • Dodge glostick boy
  • See if the shuffle thing works for glostick boy
  • Make orange chess guy dance
  • Chiascuro lit subject in focus, out of focus/bokeh street lights going in and out of focus
  • Erasing out of focus bits with different brushes on photoshop

I went shooting yesterday, I realised the importance of focal length. 35-50mm on a digital sensor looks really natural and I’m going to be conscious of using a good focal length instead of just using zoom to get closer without physically getting closer.

Also I’m going to start being a lot more selective with what I choose to process, I want to be 90% happy with the still before I start any post-processing. I just don’t have enough time and I need to only use my best work.

  • Rosemary Laing
  • Bill Henson 
  • Bill Viola

Friday 7th June - Went out to shoot small video clips for my cinemagraphs. Throughout the week I’ve been working on them. 

Friday 14th June - Mrs Fleming encourages me to look at the concept of chiaroscuro lighting. I can incorporate this when looking at the dream-like escapes from everyday reality. Over the week I’ll brainstorm ways I can use the chiaroscuro lighting and also shoot some more videos, being mindful of the composition more than I was


Floating Girl serie by Bill Henson

Melbourne born photographer Bill Henson is a light sculptor playing in the darkness inspired in the tradition of the great European painters. His powerful and edgy photographs approach both the painterly and the cinematic, bringing together the formal and classical with the gritty, casual dramas of the everyday. Creating  confronting, beautiful and, unforgettable images, he captures a universal essence with a mysterious darkness.

Reversing frames/loops Reversing frames/loops

Reversing frames/loops